Sizing Plant for Efficient Climate Control

Sizing plant right to enable building managers and users get the most out of their climate control system is crucial. More often than not, building use, the size of the building serviced and its occupant levels will point towards the required plant size.

However, only accurate specification can ensure that the system strikes a balance between performance and cost. Under-specification can lead to a mismatch in required and actual cooling/heating outputs, while over-specified plant may result in increased operating cost and prevent the climate control system from achieving its maximum efficiency.

To get the specification right, engineers can draw on virtual product selection and simulation software that will help to select the system best suited to the given building’s needs without compromising project costs.

Daikin UK’s dynamic VRV systems sizing software is fully integrated with IES Virtual Environment (IESVE 2012) to deliver advanced modelling capability for heat recovery VRV systems.

It can run full thermal dynamic simulations and calculate annual loads, power inputs and efficiencies, which can not only be used as system efficiencies for Part L to meet regulatory requirements but also facilitate a tailored climate control solution based on the building’s heating and cooling loads, with automatic sizing of the VRV system and correct selection of indoor and outdoor units.

A 360° tool, it benefits architects and engineers from analysis and planning to concept and design, right through to commissioning and operation.

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